Education Day on
“Current Trends in Proteomics and Metabolomics”
(11th December 2018)

The world of proteomics is increasing day by day with the introduction of new technologies, thereby enhancing the scope of scientific research related to “proteomics”. Current progress in proteomics has been largely due to recent developments in mass spectrometry based technologies. The proteomics community in India is exploring various avenues of biological sciences by utilizing various proteomics platforms and making efforts to address important questions pertaining to proteome profiling, biomarker discovery, post-translational modifications, interacting partners, novel drug target discovery to name a few. Proteomics technologies are not new to scientific community, but majority of the young students, undergraduates, college faculties and clinicians are not so familiar.

Similarly, metabolomics being a relatively new field has emerged as more useful and reliable in terms of improving our current understanding of disease biology. Metabolomics is the profiling of low molecular weight biochemical entities, known as metabolites. Metabolites are end products of physiological, developmental or pathological state of a cell, tissue, organ or an organism as a whole. The metabolomic workflow involves various key steps such as sample preparation, chromatographic separation, data acquisition and interpretation which can significantly influence the outcome of the overall analysis.

Owing to the rapid advancements in mass spectrometry based proteomics and metabolomics technologies, it has become essential to keep up with current trends and advances in proteomics and metabolomics research. Proteomics and metabolomics in India are experiencing an exponential growth and acceptance within the academic and research community, which is relevant by the publications in the last decade. This has paved the path towards the favourable environment for inclusion of such ‘-omics’ approaches in the academic curriculum of colleges and universities across India.

Proteomics Society, India has the vision, commitment and responsibility to encourage the future leaders of proteomics genre thereby, promoting the proteomic education to the young students, researchers, and college & university faculty members during the education day program. In this regard, PSI has formulated an event called “Education Day’ being organised every year during its annual conference. This event primarily focuses on educating the young researchers about the basic and advanced concepts of proteomics and its applications in biological research. This year, the education day event will also focus and introduce the area of metabolomics and its applications to the participants.

Experts from proteomics and metabolomics community in India and abroad will deliver the talks and share their experiences. Participants will also get the opportunity to discuss their research ideas with experts in these areas.

I look forward to welcoming you to this education day event in NCCS, Pune, India.

With warm regards,

Srikanth Rapole
Convener, PSI – 2018